3 ways in which Ethnic Advertising influence marketing

People all over the world tend to live within their cultural boundaries. They have their own cultural values, rules, norms which influence the way they think, feel and act. The people in a particular ethnic group tend to share the same language, customs, social views, and thoughts. These things influence their cognitive, affective and behavioural processes. Their beliefs and motives, emotions and attitude, purchase and consumption is total dependent on these aspects. Based on this notion of “advertising as a mirror”, cultural ethics and principles are inculcated in the ads in such a way that the consumers can see themselves and identify with the characters in the ads, and feel affinity with the brand. A particular type of marketing that caters to those in a specific ethnic group is called ethnic advertising or multicultural advertising. Often these ads are produced in that particular group’s native language and with other features that are specific to the targeted group. Getting the right ethnic perspective is very tricky. In the recent time, ethnic population has been increased in great numbers, and are large enough to stimulate any marketer’s appetite. There are many marketers that favour ethnic ads that showcase what Black, Asian, American and European consumers have in common. This approach is thought to work well with the young, who often listen to the same music, eat the same food and wear similar clothes regardless of their ethnic background. The ethnic origin creates people’s identity, much more than education, religion, and sexual orientation. Ethnic advertising can influence marketing in a variety of ways, some of which are given below.


Ethnic space is large enough to kindle innovation. Plotting a multicultural marketing strategy goes beyond identifying communications programs and promotions personalised to such markets.


The ethnic population is growing at a higher rate as compared to the general population. This implies that they are consuming more products and services at higher rates than the rest. Ethnic market is the fastest growing population segment in the advertising industry, wielding increasing power and influence purchasing power to rise day by day.


Universal insights make us feel good as part of a larger collective. But they’re most effective when brought down to an actionable level touching individuals and compelling them to do something different with brand offerings. Once a corporation concedes the value of ethnic marketing, invests in the research and development, and incites new marketing capabilities, it can be leveraged in the global environment. Globally, universal insights are adapted to drive market level relevance, application and impact. Although multiculturalism is showing more and more on the advertising industry radar, it yet continues to be mystify the multicultured opportunities that remain underleveraged and underfinanced in targeted and total market platforms.

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