Choose a B2B Marketing Company Wisely

Do you work in a Business to Business ecosystem? Do you have a B2B marketing company working for you? Are you satisfied with its services? Are you sure it is not just a company selling snake oil to you? These are some of the questions one must ask while choosing a new business-to-business firm. A brand must place an emphasis on identifying the work patterns and the specialization of the company. The organization that you choose must be savvy and focussed on B2B marketing. You need to ask the organizations these basic questions during the process of selection.

Can you explain me the difference between B2B and B2C?

If the company has a specialization in business-2-business, they will be able to easily differentiate between the two different processes. There is a massive difference between the two processes. And, a B2B marketing company comes out loud if they specialize in the business vertical. Business-2-business similarities are superficial. On the other hand, marketing challenges are more complex when a firm is catering to businesses.

Do the majority of your clients belong to the B2B Sector?

If the majority of their clients belong to the B2C sector, there are chances that they do not possess the expertise that can be fruitful to you. On the other hand, these companies can also be generalists. You must be sure if they have the marketing prowess to solve the B2B issues. How can you make out that they are a specialized B2B marketing company? You need to identify with their client list. If they have at least 65-70 percent client from the Business-to-Business sector, you can take the process ahead. The key is to differentiate between the generalists and the specialists. There are many companies that cater to both the sector. In this case, you need to ask if they have a dedicated B2B division in place. If they do, what is the strength of the division?

How much revenue do you derive from your B2B clients & how are you compensated?

This is a very important question to ask. Some agency would provide you with a pretty diverse client list. It might show that they have the majority of the clients from the business-2-business sector; however a couple of B2C big players may be contributing the major chunk to the company’s revenue. You must be sure about the main preference of the company. You must also be aware about the compensation process of the agency. Different companies have varied types of compensation processes. Do not be fooled by the media placement commissions, percentages on the outsourced services. Many agencies offer low fees and rely on the commissions.

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